Reasons why you should buy a Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub it is a beautiful luxury although they are not that practical. For instance, when the tub has to work as a shower stall base, it can be very hard to make the curtain work well, and there is a very little space for standing.

However, if you a spacious room go for it. There are many incredible tubs that are currently on the market. You will also find a lot of vintage beauty if you choose to research further.

Here are a few reasons why you should a freestanding bathtub:


A freestanding bathtub is always spacious. There is plenty of space around and under the tub. Additionally, it makes the room look larger as well as airy. Especially if you go for corner shower units which saves the most space.


The shape of the freestanding tub is also something worth talking about. The shape of this tub plays very cool with all the geometric patterns on the walls and in the floor.

A dash of metal

Freestanding tubs are known to have beautiful reflective qualities. Most of these tubs are made up of dashes of metal, which make them look stunning.


You can incorporate a chandelier   on top of a freestanding bathtub, the result is simply elegant. It creates a classy feel on your bathroom.


You can pick any color and paint it on your bathroom, the freestanding bathtub, will still marry very well with the color setting of your washroom giving the style of the bathroom a vintage look.


Freestanding bathtubs create a whole lot of crazy drama on the washroom. If you want a drama look on your bathroom, you should consider buying a freestanding bathroom.


We have seen some of the reasons why you should buy a freestanding bathtub. They are the best!